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The Avenue of True Success -   American Billionaires

Study as many of America's hundreds of billionaires full-time, as thoroughly as possible. Tapping into scores of different resources, such as libraries, internet, Forbes and Fortune magazines, etc, whittle it down to 4,300 pages of useful information over a period of twenty-seven months.

Now you invest two hundred and twenty-five days of 18-plus hours each, listing common recordable or measurable traits, actions, words that billionaires repeat. If only one in twenty seem to use it or say it, put it way down on the list. When something is used by most or all, bring it to the top of the list.

Imagine the surprise of finding the one specific action taken more often by billionaires… than anything else they do in life outside of breathing, although breathing is actually a result of this one action, if you stop and consider it.

When more than a dozen billionaires openly state their most powerful inside tricks and techniques, are you so arrogant as to dare opening your mouth in the presence of a definitive example of the horse's mouth? Do you really think you know better? You need not answer with your mouth, because your actions, like the actions of all of us, including those billionaires, speak louder than anything else. Can we at least agree on this?

Questions abound. What do you do with this information by the time you've observed it in 55 billionaires studied? With whom does one share such instantaneously useful information? In how many different areas of my life should I use this supremely excellent tool? With such obviously instant results, where do I start?

Now comes the asking of the two most important questions, at least for me. 1) If it works for so many dozens of self-made billionaires, will it work for people shooting for a bit less? And 2) How can I get this information into the hands of everyone in my generation, and the next several generations? No one needs the downsides of fame in this lifetime. If Frank Sinatra was right to believe that living well is the best revenge, and if revenge is a dish best tasted cold, then celebrity is a dish best tasted after you're gone, because the longer celebrity lasts past passing, the more likely it is that you've contributed significantly. This is a neat trick observed in dozens of history's greatest philosphers:

working it backwards, and living it forwards.

The answer to question one is more than adequately confirmed from my calls and interviews with thousands of corporate and institutional leaders, mostly in the U.S. In the course of the forty-eight weeks invested in working up to the position of Senior Associate Director of the Who's Who Worldwide Registry, I asked better questions of our country's true masters and millionaires, surgeons and Harvard professors; Presidential physicians and billionaires: the cream of our generation. Trying to promote neutrality in each question asked, I heard the same words from hundreds, and hundreds, and more hundreds of Presidents and CEO's, engineering wizards and the gentleman near Martha's Vineyard who actually offers up to a thousand different hot, fresh omelets. People who have passionately pursued their dreams into happy, highly productive lives, where getting up and going to sleep are done with a bit more zing, where time spent with family members is far more positive and loving and sharing than it is for those who are too dumb to be grateful, and, for those who are money-focused, developing wealth at far faster rates than the so-called norm.

Again and again the same magic words came to my ears. A physician to our U.S. President told me that he himself had been told those same words by Ronald Reagan, a man who rather successfully changed careers five years after his contemporaries started collecting their Social Security checks, and became the most powerful man in the world for another eight years. Talk about the horse's mouth. Kept hearing about the same shortcut.

As with all good news, there's one small item of bad, sad news. Although one hundred percent of the people who read these words are capable of grasping the first, or superficial meaning, 93 of 100 people who read these words have little more than the slightest hope of being intelligent enough to turn off their own opinions long enough to use this instantly useful action.

We're generally unwilling to acknowledge that some eighty percent of our opinions, cherished or otherwise, are actually formed by other people, who pass them on to us without our ever having experience in the matter at hand. As a result, we form new opinions based on faulty opinions, never realizing that we create a huge chain reaction that accounts for why 80% of our opinions are without legitimate experiential basis. Eighty percent of all the things you believe, if not more, are based on something that never took place. It would not be unreasonable to say that most of our opinions should be dismissed for lack of empirical evidence. The question becomes, "How many of us have sufficient self-esteem to truly shut up in the presence of excellence?"

Those few, perhaps 7 in every 100, who have the wonderful intelligence to simply suspend disbelief for long enough to suddenly see people giving you things that you want and helping you to fulfill your wishes and goals and dreams, are going to enjoy fantastic results in the next day or two. Ok, if you're college-educated, it might take a full week to see big fat results, because you think you know everything, and although you verbally agree with better ideas and better-proven techniques, the majority of all your thoughts focus on the belief that you already know better.

For everyone else it's usually just minutes away, hearing the word "yes" again and again, more and more often. Sound sweet? Can you put this to use IF you are one of the seven in every hundred who are smart enough to simply shut up and give it their best try? One of the too-few certainties of this life is that using this particular super-shortcut of more than a hundred self-made billionaires in America produces results faster than any other method ever developed by Mankind. In sum, using this shortcut, let's say, one hundred times in the next ten days is absolutely guaranteed to work. Before you get to the 100th, you have either achieved your stated objective, or else you have achieved more towards the successful achievement than you have attained in all the years of your life up until now -- yes, all added up together, as well! Be certain to understand this: more progress towards your best and favorite dream/wish/goal than you've made in all the years of your life added up together up until now.

Of one hundred people using this method, approximately one hundred of them will enjoy the sweet fruit of this greatest shortcut specifically identified by self-made billionaires!

Within seconds of you turning this one action trait of billionaires into a personal, strongly-held belief that it works, the magic actually begins before you use this wonderful shortcut. Because we know that the laws of physics and logic never change, you can be certain that this one action trait of billionaires will bring you results in as little as ten minutes if you wish.

In fact, you can start having more and more people give you whatever you want, in as little as one minute or two. It's that wonderful, it's that powerful.

Hoping to have built it up in your mind to a fever pitch of desire, this is now the moment for you to use the power to suspend your disbelief, and simply believe that it's going to work, and work soon. And it also works almost every time you use it, surely more than 9000 times out of every 10,000 tries. You mastered it in the first three to four years of your life, when your wants were so important that you'd actually ask, beg, nag, cry, beseech, threaten, pout, smile, cajole, and then beg some more… until you actually got what it was you wanted so badly.

Since that time, you've used this magical power, this super, life-changing action to get what you want from who you want… mostly for unimportant things, and critically vital things. Tell the truth: how many times have you had a two- or three-day deadline, you seemed to have NO IDEA how you would obtain that rent money or school report, or whatever it was. You wracked your brains, thought of all manner of strange ideas and unlikely people to ask for help... and when it's been sufficiently important, you've always come through in that pinch. True, or not?

It was never a question of how to get it done. That's right. It has always and without exception been a question of WHY should you get it done. When it's just not that important, you put so little effort into it. When it sounds like "life and death," Lordie, Lordie, do you ever get busy, don't you?

Heaven forbid you were struck with something rare that would cause organ failure within the next thirty-two days if you failed to raise a hundred thousand dollars in the next four weeks.

So sorry, but we are all certain that you would get busy, wouldn't you?

You already know the precise, exact specific shortcut used by all of these self-made billionaires. It's been described repeatedly in the past dozen paragraphs. How ironic and appropriate that, like every known piece of wisdom you already possess, knowing it has so little value compared to the value of doing what you know.

Ask, my friend; and again.

Perhaps the most notable of tools on this page is worth repeating to someone who is statistically unlikely - to the tune of 93% unlikely - to be smart enough (meaning mentally flexible, continuing to input information from better sources prior to premature exclamation of judgement") to read this page repeatedly.

Many great minds work it backwards and live it forwards.

It's observable, it's measurable. That makes it an instantly useful tool for expedited, verifiable results. As Sal Liquori used to say, "Take it whence it comes" which in English means, "take it where it comes from; look at the source."   In this case, the source is dozens and dozens and dozens of self-made billionaires. They are doing it better than most everyone else for no better reason than their amused certainty that they are billionaires because they know what they want, they ask more people more times than anyone else around them, and they work their plans backwards in order to live it forwards.

Take it whence it comes. Then, work it backwards, and live it forwards.

Better focus brings better results today. 

Billionaires know and prove that total winning is the result of universal shortcuts, the result of hunger and action.

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Perhaps they, or you, or someone with a keener understanding of human nature than I will be kind enough to explain how it's okay for college coaches to get salaries that are twenty-six times the salary of a full professor -- such as Notre Dame decided to do -- yet kids who have not committed crimes -- are so ravenously hungry they die a thousand per hour, every single hour of every single day.

If you really and truly believe that you cannot make a huge, history-altering difference, you might want to consider the following.

Benjamin Franklin left about four hundred and fifty dollars in a bank, with instructions that only part of the interest, and none of the principal, be used to train printing apprentices from financially depressed areas, for a period of two hundred years. With many chunks given out along the way, the fund came due just before the turn of the 21st century, and, having paid to train a few thousand printing apprentices, there were still some seventeen million dollars left. Let's remember, this started with a few hundred-dollar bills.

We know that drops of water are far stronger than granite, for, left to drip a sufficient period of time, a sufficient number of times, the water will drill holes through even ten feet of granite. Before we complain about how long it takes to accomplish it, let's first be certain of how the water manages to work its way into and right through solid rock. Once we determine the method by which it's done, then and only then is it logical to seek to speed up the process.

To help create the picture, the analogy is invoked of a sculptor who also wishes to penetrate, and actually shape an enormous block of granite or marble without powertools or acids. This said to set aside, momentarily, the supposedly "automatic" tools to get the job done -- likenable to your distorted perceptions about the "automatic" nature of wealth, or looks, higher education or some supposedly magical talent.

The sculptor approaches a block of granite weighing a hundreds pounds or more. Not something you'd want to forcefully punch with your bare fist. He strikes the chisel and there's not even a scratch. He strikes it again. Still nothing. After a dozen shots, he looks carefully and sees almost a scratch. A hundred strikes of the chisel, his chest is heaving, and he sees the scratch is now an iota past "merest scratch." Another hundred strikes and there's a whisper of a line almost appearing.

A thousand strikes later, he's getting his rhythm going now, arm swinging back, Bam! Bam! Bam! You can hear the ringing of the metal hammer bouncing off of that heavy chisel with the thick sound that steel on steel makes to the human ear. The video film shows us that the granite block split open after exactly 1,755 strikes of hammer against chisel. That brings us to the purpose of this paragraph, to ask you whether he hit the granite correctly on the 1,755th strike, or was the split a direct result of the ACCUMULATED energy of all his little baby strikes?

Why bother reading on until you've read that paragraph at least twice? Even after thirty-four years of reading a book per day, each review of that paragraph reveals new distinctions that I didn't even know I was ignorant of! Nothing wrong with an adult learning how to learn better. Those of you who wish to rapidly accelerate your results in this life will develop the self-discipline to stick with a nugget, or a lemon, until every reasonable drop of benefit has been elicited.

When it comes to useful information from our wiser role models, the first understanding, which is to say the surface, or superficial distinctions, have a root utility with definite limitations. It's when we get to secondary, and tertiary distinctions that your life starts popping with excellent shortcuts. You see, those second-level and third-level meanings are the arenas where you find human beings in the top twenty percent, and in the top twenty percent of the top twenty percent. Those supposed dummies who looked beyond the obvious, who are not offended by change, who work backwards from their desired goal in order to live it forwards, which leaves them wide open to newer meanings of old information. It works one hundred percent of the time for one hundred percent of the reading population. It's that flexibility, that willingness to close the mouth and open the ears/eyes/nose and inner ear, that will prove you are smarter than you give yourself credit for. Study ANY piece of wisdom and you'll get more and more out of that wisdom.

It's that rarified air of the immoderately snobbish knowledge gatherers who genuinely believe that the nonacademes are unable to 'get it.' Sad for them, and good for you, knowing has only a fraction the power of doing. You have no problem remembering dozens of commercials, or tv shows, or celebrities who have zero real impact on your life. As long as you have a definite reason why it's so important to you, even fifth-grade dropouts can memorize an encyclopedia when they are motivated. Do they memorize it in a week? Of course not. We are reminded of the illiterate teenager, serving serious jail time for violent crimes, who read one page of the dictionary every day, and became one of his generation's most eloquent speakers after changing his name to Malcom X. Don't think it was the name change that made him a famous orator; it was that little tiny strike of a chisel on granite, that tiny little dent in the dictionary one page at a time.

Granite sculptors and billionaires have more in common regarding their daily steps than they do with you. This is not the art or persuasion of success, it's the mathematical pattern seen in Olympic Champions from a dozen different countries and cultures who are doing the same exact visualization exercises every day and then winning gold medals as the best on earth.

This is the scientifically duplicable ergo replicable pattern seen in close to half of America's self-made billionaires, and closer to ninety percent of the half that were closely studied and/or interviewed and/or meal mentor-ed with. (A meal mentor is when you write/call an extraordinarily successful person and say, "Hi, we both know you're one of the best in the world. Because I want to grow up and be like you, I'm asking you to consider being my mentor for the time it takes to break bread together, breakfast, lunch or dinner, my treat, of course." There are many ways to phrase it, This technique works with very successful people, who look down on others only when they're reaching down to help that person up. Never mind the egomaniacs, stick with true role models; they respond as most of us do when appropriately praised.

This pattern is seen in the lives of no less than thousands of very ordinary people who became extraordinary people by examining something carefully enough to get the extra glassful, examining from more than one coign of vantage, and then using their tools just an ounce more.

We know that the chisel left on the shelf doesn't accomplish much of anything, as we know that having looks or talents or wealthy parents are not enough in and of themselves to get much of anything accomplished.

For sure, you have tools at your disposal, right in front of, and behind your face, that you can be using more effectively in this very precise period that the calendar tells us will never be repeated. Are you SURE you understand what twenty-four hours consists of?

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